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Interfaith event at AIDS 2018: "Faith Building Bridges"

"Faith Building Bridges": Interfaith affiliated event at AIDS 2018
Interfaith event at AIDS 2018: "Faith Building Bridges"

Faith Building Bridges, in Amsterdam 2018. Photo: Albin Hillert/WCC

Under the theme "Faith Building Bridges", an affiliated event to AIDS 2018 takes place in the Amsterdam Planetarium on 21-22 July 2018.

Download the Agenda and the Concept Note (pdf 548 KB)

The programme and discussion will focus around how faith groups and leaders can, should and are building bridges to more effectively eliminate AIDS, with particular attention to marginalized groups. Tentative topics include: migration and HIV; children, adolescents and HIV; substance abuse and HIV; and people at the margins.

Building bridges means building partnerships and working in cooperation with many groups.

"Faith Building Bridges" hopes to offer advocacy trainings to participants; share good practices; and identify actions for follow up on the various issues discussed. It will have plenary sessions and workshops, and aims at also inviting young people, faith leaders and representatives of churches or civil society groups (such as refugees, migrants, youth groups, substance abuse associations) that are not specifically involved in HIV.

The leitmotif of the two days will be: increasing access; eliminating stigma and discrimination; and promoting human rights.

For information about how to register for the "Faith Building Bridges", please see Registration.

For more information about Faith Building Bridges, and to become involved, stay tuned to information posted under News and views.

For more information about faith-based activities at the International AIDS Conference, please visit Faith at AIDS 2018


“Faith on the Fast Track”: Interfaith Pre-Conference 2016

Over 200 people of faith gathered to network, reflect, build skills, advocate, and share about current challenges and good practices in the response to HIV at the Interfaith Pre-Conference to AIDS 2016, 16-17 July 2016.

Under the theme, “Faith on the Fast Track”, the pre-conference took place at the La Vita Conference Centre in central Durban.

The theme reflected the global UNAIDS strategy to ensure that AIDS is eliminated as a public health threat by 2030.  Faith-based initiatives have a vital role if we are to achieve the Fast Track targets. (See the blog from David Barstow for more on “Fast Track” and the pre-conference theme)

Three sub-themes guided the plenary sessions and workshops, focusing on areas where faith-based initiatives are especially important:

  • Reducing stigma and discrimination, including stigma within local faith communities, and stigma toward marginalized populations
  • Increasing access, including community-based HIV services, and services for infants, children, and adolescents
  • Defending human rights, including dealing with discriminatory laws and policies

Workshops at the pre-conference focused on ways that faith initiatives in these three areas can contribute to reaching the Fast Track targets, including setting five-year targets, identifying tools and methods, and discussing particular challenges faced by faith initiatives.

Download the full Faith on the Fast Track Programme (pdf, 195 KB).

Watch video highlights from Day 1

Watch video highlights from Day 2

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