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Lifting up prayers from many faiths

07 July 2016

Faith communities have played a key role in the global response to HIV for decades. For many people living with HIV in the most remote areas, the hands and feet of local people of faith were the only source of care and support.

Although the faith response to HIV has not been unconditionally positive, global agencies increasingly emphasize that an AIDS-free generation will be impossible without a committed involvement of faith communities and institutions.

At AIDS 2016, people of faith will be networking, learning, listening and sharing good practice - and strengthening our work and commitment through prayer.

On Tuesday, 19 July at 7:00 pm, people of all faiths will meet for an interfaith prayer service in Durban. Transportation to and from the convention centre to Emmanual Cathedral will be offered.

The service is an opportunity to gather in prayer to remember those who have died of AIDS-related illness and all those living with or affected by HIV; to celebrate the progress made so far in the global response to AIDS; to reflect on our role as faith-based organizations and people of faith on the Fast Track; and to commit to reducing stigma and discrimination, increasing access, and defending human rights.