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Faith In Action: for Access Equity Rights Now

Faith In Action: for Access Equity Rights Now

Francesca at Mexico 2008, with EAA colleagues Astrid Berner-Rodoreda and Pat Zerega

01 March 2016

Why should people of faith get engaged in AIDS2016?

By Francesca Merico (Live the Promise campaign coordinator)

The first time I took part in the International AIDS Conference was in Mexico in 2008. I was overwhelmed and fascinated. I was impressed by the large number of people HIV could mobilize, and yet I knew many people around the world had no idea of the difference between HIV and AIDS, and even worse, many did not want to know about it.

I was part of the Caritas Internationalis delegation and of the Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance team. My role was to promote the EAA paediatric AIDS action by mobilizing faith-based representatives to highlight the need of children living with HIV to have access to child-friendly antiretroviral therapy. EAA had developed a beautiful and smart postcard campaign directed at a target group of pharmaceutical companies: children living with HIV wish to have candy; they need drugs; but they are not getting anything. That was the time when most of the children living with HIV were given portions of adult ARVs.

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